Director of Programmes
Head of Wholesale, Europe
Sales Manager (UK & Ireland)
Services: CRM, Helpdesk, Marketing, Messaging, Mobile, OTT, RCS, SMS
Markets: Dating, Entertainment
Duration: 45 mins

Merchants that engage in two-way chat see a 26% rise in customer value – improving retention, relationships and ultimately generating more sales. So as conversational (messaging) commerce becomes the buzz word for telemedia engagement, what does an effective messaging strategy look like and what essential services should you expect from your platform provider?

  • Is SMS on the way out or are you missing a huge potential opportunity?
  • Optimising engagement, sales revenue & retention
  • Messaging happy multi-channel customers in a language they can understand
  • Rich messaging linked to payments is here – are you onboard yet?
  • Conversational Commerce – it’s time to personalise and contextualise
  • Is the “X-as-a-Service + Customer Data Platform” model the future of messaging?