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Director of Programmes
Manager, Business Development
Sales Manager (UK & Ireland)
Services: Carrier Billing, Cyber Security, IPRN, SMS, Wholesale
Markets: Banking, Competitions, Entertainment, Gambling, Games, Interactive, Web Services
Duration: 49 mins

Merchants and brands will be aware of the substantial telemedia opportunities in mature markets, but what about the emergence of Latin America? Demand for mobile entertainment and digital content services have reached staggering proportions and there are clearly huge potential profits to be made. However, strong local partnerships are key to understanding the many cultural and commercial differences across this vast region.

  • Which LATAM countries should be on your business travel itinerary in 2022?
  • Key ROI variables for your commercial strategy – culture, geography & service
  • Region Maturity: Content, Business Models.
  • Requirements to operate in the Region: Local Entities, Regulatory Licenses, Staff.
  • Taxes, Currency & Collection