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Studio 8.1 VODCAST: Episode 11

In the latest and last vodcast of 2021 we took the time to look back at the predictions made in January and were surprisingly spot on with many of them.

We also looked at the latest In the Telemedia news with topics include CPaaS and 5G, brand engagement, gamification of pretty much everything, cookies digital working with a football legend, and the incredibly unique and interesting project from world mobile who have brought a hybrid mobile network to Zanzibar and In turn opening up the benefits of being connected to the wider population.

As always, we Include anything that Impacts our Telemedia world Including the world of mobile billing, mobile marketing, mobile advertising, mobile content, Value Added Services … you get the Idea


Stories we covered in this VODCAST:

US CPaaS Market to Hit 15bn by 2026 as Conversational Abilities become Key Differentiator

52% of consumers expect better brand engagement despite improved response times from bank telco and retail brands

5G to Generate 77% of global operator revenue by 2026 as MNOs benefit from exponential cellular data growth

Cookies Launches eSport In strategic partnership with Alessandro del Piero and Palco

World Mobile launches unique balloon driven hybrid mobile network In Zanzibar

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Telemedia Editor listed in Top 50 most influential people in UK Tech