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Studio8.1 VODCAST: Episode 17

Reunited… Jarvis “Tequila’ Todd returns from his travels to talk 5G enhanced voice services, upping MNO text revenues with authentication, Cookies Digital’s upcoming webinar – and how you can catch up with us next week in Malaga and ROCCO Genesis Live!

5G voice services – OTT killer for MNOs?

The total number of voice-over-5G users will reach 2.5 billion globally by 2026; rising from only 290 million in 2022 –remarkable growth of 780%. This creates the potential for all sorts of new voice services that MNOs can offer, such as interactive calling… I will talk a bit about this and why it gives MNOs a chance to win back some business from OTT services like whatsapp

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Multifactor authentication – another boost for MNOs?

MNOs are not only seeing voice revenues decline, but so too is SMS. The rise in multifactor authentication however could reverse that and generate $27bn for MNOs this year alone…

WEBINAR: Building an esports universe to drive user adoption engagement and revenues

Cookies Digital and Mobile Ecosystem forum team up on 12th May