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Studio8.1 VODCAST: Episode 26

By 18 November 2022April 4th, 2024No Comments

Back from a month of recovery from World Telemedia Marbella, Jarvis Todd and Paul Skeldon get stuck back into debating the issues of the day – this time looking at how OTT messaging is a must for conversational commerce, how recession and growing in-app purchases could both be good for the telemedia sector

Stories covered in this VODCAST:

  • OTT conversational commerce to boom
    We heard a lot about conversational commerce at World Telemedia… it is driving CPaaS and SMS is very much its core component. But you can’t ignore OTT messaging, which is going to be such a big part of Conversational Commerce that it could be worth ¢25bn by next year!
  • Recession: opportunity or should we be worried?
    Typically downturns are good for telemedia. As people cut back on going out and spending they turn to microbilled services…. This is still the case, but currently there are wobbles.  However, they are still spending on dating apps
  • In-app purchasing a boom for DCB?
    In-app purchases are set to deliver more revenue to app owners than ads for the first time. It is especially prevalent in TikTok… which is driving app sales.  This is likely to be a big driver for DCB and other new payment services as more spending takes place on micro billing sites during recession… which brings us back to where we started.