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Studio8.1 VODCAST: Episode 29

By 9 February 2023January 17th, 2024No Comments

In Episode 29 of the Studio8.1 VODCAST, Jarvis Todd and Paul Skeldon take a look at how 5G is (finally!) delivering on its promise, what 6G may have in store, how ChatGPT will impact telemedia and we hear the latest about what is coming up at Telemedia8.1

Find the stories covered in this vodcast below:

Operator 5G revenue to reach $625 billion by 2027, as 6G development shows promise

Portugal’s ONTOP Studios latest AR games developer to sign up with the Nonvoice Agency

5G “Router-on-the-Roof” for vehicles takes high-bandwidth truly mobile

Chatbot du jour ChatGPT breaks into top 50 global sites as visits hit 672m