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Studio8.1 VODCAST: Episode 6 Booming Mobile Commerce, CPaaS and Mobile Wallets

By 30 September 2021No Comments

In this week’s ‘Podcast as a Service’ Jarvis Todd and Paul Skeldon unpick how booming mobile commerce combined with Comms Platforms as a Service (CPaaS) and mobile wallets are ushering in a new era of telemedia services that help deliver a range of super apps.

Stories covered:
CPaaS revenue to exceed $10bn globally in 2022, as vendors seek further platform differentiation

Europes Mobile Wallet Market revent to cross 60bn by 2026

Mobility as a Service subscriber revenue ti increase 900% by 2027

European Mobile Transactions Rocket but emerging markets lead the way for mobile wallets

and a ……. World Telemedia Update