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The Telemedia News Episode 22: Talking PaaS


In our rapid fire visit to news all things telemedia, Jarvis ‘ top MEF juror’ Todd and Paul ‘caveman’ Skeldon take a look at how Sinch and Infobip are both adding Instagram to their Communications-Platform-as-a-Service (CPaaS) platforms, how working from home could be another Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) opportunity and how payments orchestration is coming.

As always we are on the alert for news that is making the telemedia headlines in mobile payments, mobile marketing, mobile advertising, mobile content, mobile Value Added Services, mobile anti-fraud solutions.

Stories covered in this VODCAST:

Instagram becomes latest messaging platform added to the CPaaS arsenal
… and so does infobip
Hybrid working – a CPaaS opportunity?
EDITORIAL: Howa fluid approach to work benefits telemedia and cpaas
New payment tool from the airline world could be a disruptor? Or are there too many payment tools?
The Chatroom at Telemedia8.1