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Upstream expands its team in Brazil as it grows e-commerce business in the country


With the acceleration of ecommerce, 8.1 Member Upstream, a global specialist in mobile marketing automation, is expanding its operations in Brazil to meet growing customer demand.

The international marketing technology company, which opened its first offices in the country 15 years ago serving the major local Mobile Network Operators, today is working with hundreds of advertisers in multiple market segments worldwide.

The company addresses an extended market of over one billion consumers worldwide, enabling more than 3.1 billion monthly consumer interactions with more than 370 global brands such as Nokia, Heineken, Amstel, Pandora, Kroton, Vivo, Claro, Tim and Oi. The company has 330 employees and a presence in 45 countries, with an emphasis on rapidly growing markets, such as Brazil, South Africa, Nigeria and Thailand. Upstream, saw its overall profitability (EBITDA) grow by 60% between 2019 and 2021.

Upstream is taking a huge step towards the e-commence sector, planning to provide marketing automation solutions to some of the top e-commerce companies in Brazil. With the acquisition of new e-commerce clients and projects in the country, the company is looking for professionals to reinforce strategic areas. Right now, Upstream is increasing its workforce in Brazil by 40%, while expecting its team in the São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro offices to grow by 100% by the end of the year.

“Our business in Brazil is growing rapidly and that means that our local team will grow accordingly. We believe in the power of the Brazilian market, as for the past 4 years we have seen very promising growth rates year on year. With the expansion in e-commerce, we are expecting our operations in the country to grow more than 20% annually,” says Dimitris Maniatis, Upstream’s CEO.

The company’s expansion in Brazil is driven by the recent explosion of e-commerce, with the migration of physical stores to the digital environment and the increase in online shopping. The change in behavior of Brazilian consumers directly influences Upstream’s investment decision in expanding local businesses. “We have the technological expertise necessary to attract potential customers from companies and turn them into buyers and that is what companies are looking for today. To target their audience exactly where they are: on their mobile phone,” adds Maniatis.

The company’s main solution

Upstream has developed Grow, a mobile marketing automation platform, that enables advertisers to deliver multi-channel customer engagement, through mobile devices, using channels such as mobile websites, SMS, RCS, device notifications and social networks. Grow brings together content creation, campaign automation, analytics, audience insights, ad fraud prevention and channel management capabilities into one platform.

The platform’s mission is to provide users with the greatest possible customer journey, tailored to their own personality and needs, bringing marketing efficiency to entirely new levels for businesses. The platform has been proven to provide 3x the conversation rates and 2x the engagement rates compared to a traditional digital campaign.

“Any company that implements our Grow solution is to expect a Return on Investment (ROI) 15 times higher than their original investment. The multi-channel approach, combined with targeting and retargeting mechanisms, allows building personalized experiences that meet the needs of each user, increasing engagement, customer satisfaction and, consequently, improving profitability for companies,” explains Patrick Marquart, Upstream’s Head of Enterprise Sales in Brazil.

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