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VODCAST: Episode 43

By 6 December 2023April 4th, 2024No Comments

In this week’s edition Paul Skeldon dons his Santa hat and festive jumper to take a look back on some of the key things that happened in 2023 in telemedia and what they might herald for 2024.

Paul Skeldon dons his Santa hat and festive jumper to look back on some of the key things that happened in 2023 in telemedia and what they might herald for 2024.


SMS to dominate still in all things messaging from actual number of message to authentications services >>>

But growth is slowing >>>

In 2023 the threat to SMS appeared to be coming from OTT services, typically WhatsApp >>>

But we end the year with RCS looking to be a WhatsApp killer – something that may boost SMS use. >>>


2023 has been a bumper year for carrier billing… while many have written it off over the years – even as recently as 2022, when direct bank payments looked like a real threat – we end 2023 with DCB in a good place.

DCB is already the de facto payment type for the surging content market in MENA – mainly because it is the only way the unbanked can join in…


But it is also having a resurgence in Europe… especially Germany.



InternetQ now has a payment institution licence so can now offer DCB for all manner of things – one day even physical goods.


Couple this with DCB getting a brand name and the German market provides an interesting model for the rest of the developing world as to how to leverage DCB more widely.


Bringing messaging and payments – DCB and others – together has also become a reality. We have talked a lot about CPaaS messaging and engagement, but adding payments to this has long been something that looked to have real power. Now Viveri Group has done just that.

Expect more of this in 2024!


Which brings us to Content and VAS which have both had a bumper year.

Esports and gaming are already doing growing business – with many telemedia players joining the fray… and many payment companies offering DCB as the key onboarding tool.



Sports content is also booming.


But all content is now big business… and the days of snackable content are over (at least for now) … Survey by Seriously Fresh Media shows 67% of players in the industry see long form or a mix of ling and short as the key content market right now… hardly anyone is looking at shortform.


No wonder YouTube is the site users globally now spend the most time on…



We are going to see more of the same – only bigger, bolder, and classier. Telemedia is now very much mainstream – with DCB and messaging underpinning the world of rich. Long-form video content online. This is only going to increase as users look to gain a greater amount of entertainment.

We may even start to see the metaverse starting to play a role – though I said that last year…

Messaging is going to be an exciting sector too. Apple’s RCS adoption may not happen until September 2024 when the next iOS update happens, but when it does it will be hugely impactful – not least because RCS is already starting to gain traction all over the world in pockets of interest.

Payments, as we have seen, will continue to evolve, with carrier billing appearing in more and more content and VAS services – largely as an onboarding tool, but also may yet see increasing use in other areas. PSD3 is also likely to have an impact here on its uptake.

Meanwhile, telemedia payment providers are likely to branch out in 2024 to offer direct bank payments and even DCB wallet payments. We may also see crypto making a show, but that is harder to call….

All in all, an exciting year just gone and an even more promising one ahead… happy new year!