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Wargaming teams with Centili to launch carrier billing on all MNOs in Poland

By 18 November 2020November 22nd, 2020No Comments

Wargaming, one of the leading European game studios, has launched carrier billing payments for their top game series on all mobile operators in Poland – a large technical and commercial project led by the digital monetization company Centili.

As a result, Wargaming players in Poland can charge in-game purchases to their tariffs with PLAY, Plus, T-Mobile and Orange. Brought to a successful end in late October, the project has opened a smooth billing channel towards any mobile subscriber in Poland. Transactions are initiated from within the games played on desktop and laptop computers. Users navigate payment pages quickly; transactions are closed with one-time PINs delivered to their mobile phones.

A long-time partner of Wargaming, Centili enabled a competitive commercial setup and handled technical integration. The latter included the implementation of branded payment pages, and smooth payment flows creation. A large majority of items in Wargaming store, priced below 305 złoty, can now be purchased with DCB.

-For us, this type of carrier billing model has great value. If we can launch it on all MNOs in a country, not just one or two, and if we can create great user experience on top, it will likely translate into more successful transactions. And that is exactly what we have seen in the last weeks, as the project went live. We recognize that MNOs are important enablers of digital monetization, and Centili has played a key role in putting all the pieces together, and making it happen for us in Poland, a Wargaming representative said.

As Regional Director Europe at Centili Lazar Pasajlic explains, many digital brands need this type of carrier billing implementation in different countries. But delivering it is still a challenge. It means overcoming fragmentation in an ecosystem which still partly resists consolidation needed for high-potential DCB payments. Poland is different, though. “Polish mobile operators are leading the way in payments, and in tuning them to the needs of the modern digital ecosystem. This is reflected in their vision and strategy, their approach to partners, and their agility,” Pasajlic noted.

-We strongly believe this is the way to do telco payments properly. We invested our global knowledge and expertise, as well as our technical capability, as we planned and delivered this important project. Wargaming is known for their innovative approach and customer focus, and our MNO partners have shown great willingness, initiative, and ideas. I was delighted to work with such partners to deliver a much-needed solution which promises to create multiple benefits for everyone involved, Pasajlic said.

Started in 2011, Centili operates from 10 locations in Europe, Asia, and North America, connecting global and national merchants to 280 mobile network operators, e-wallets, and popular local payment options. Wargaming is the acclaimed developer of war-themed titles World of Tanks, World of Warships and World of Warplanes. Originating from Belarus, they operate in 20 markets and employ 5000 people.

Get in touch with the Centili team via Telemedia8.1