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Where to get Carrier traffic? say Yeesshh


While writing those lines, Turkey is burning.

Well, Turkey does not burn because of the summer temperatures arriving, or the heat due to the close situation to the Ukraine war…

No, mobile traffic in Turkey is super hot, especially with Turkcell, Turk Telecom. We can say the same in Brazil (Oi, vivo) though, and probably next week it will be some other geos…

You too can also know about that, and lightspeed move relaunching your carrier billing activities where it suits. You can also identify where traffic niches are, and get some insight about the volumes of traffic available, and the price to access it, for free, and now.

Here is THE link to keep, and refer to:

Wanna know more about it?

At Yeesshh, we buy and sell 600 million clicks a day, mostly on mobile, and are specialized on carrier traffic in interstitials. So we decided to make public the average trading on our marketplace, so you can know, in real time, what traffic is exchanged on each carrier and at what price.

Simple, effective, that’s it

Need traffic?

Simply create an account at, setup your campaign, select your carriers, apply with the price you wanna pay, load your account with funds… and in the following 5 minutes, you start receiving traffic.

Contact the Team via Telemedia8.1